Autoimmune Diseases And Therapeutic Approaches: Open Access

Autoimmune Diseases and Therapeutic Approaches is an Open Access journal which concentrates on autoimmune diseases and their therapeutic advances in the field of medical sciences.

An inapt immune response of the body against own cells and tissues normally present in the body is defined as autoimmune disorder or disease. Autoimmune diseases can be classified into organ specific and tissue specific. The main causes of autoimmune disorders are not yet known, but symptoms often includes fatigue, muscle aches, and low fever. However, sometimes symptoms can worsen up leading to inflammation (redness, heat, pain, and swelling).

Therapists in this field mostly focus on reducing inflaming which is attained by administering corticosteroids that suppress immunity. A large number of immune related disorders are identified which usually follow similar pattern of symptoms and makes a difficult task for health care providers to identify the unidentified cause. Autoimmune diseases are occasionally related to hereditary where genes are affected causing an autoimmune disease.

Autoimmune disorders and treatment has the immense popularity in terms of research and development. Many efficient medical scientist and health care providers are working towards the results depicting the causes and cure of autoimmune disorders.

Aims and Scope

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