International Journal of Fiber and Textile Science Research (IJFTSR)

Ahmed Abdel Fattah TayelPhD

Associate Professor
Department of Industrial Biotechnology
University of Sadat City

Ahmed A. Tayel is an associate Prof. of Food and Dairy Biotechnology. He had his PhD in 2006 from Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Research Institute- University of Sadat City (GEBRI- USC), Egypt. Dr. Tayel has a long list of scientific publication and had many scientific awards and honors from international scientific organizations. The main research interests for Dr. Tayel include: Food Biotechnology & Biosafety, Food Pathogens & Hygiene, Natural Products of Medicinal Plants, Biocontrol Agents, Natural Antimicrobial agents, Zoonotic diseases and pathogens detection and control.

Research Interests

Food Biotechnology & Biosafety

Nutrition Biotechnology

Food Pathogens & Hygiene

Natural Products of Medicinal Plants


Bioactivity of macromolecules

Genetic Manipulation of Microorganisms


Biocontrol Agents

Natural Antimicrobial agents

Biological wastes treatment

Zoonotic diseases and pathogens detection and control

Scientific Activities